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Adult Paddling

COME TRY OUR SPORT... No Experience Required!

Adult paddling and our other Community Outdoor Sports are available at our Zwicker Lake location. Come out in the evening and play some beach volleyball, soccer or walking soccer, frisbee or come for a swim.

Evening programing is available on select days each week, determined at the start of each summer.

We have a wide variety of equipment for everyone to try... from stand-up paddle boards (SUP's), recreational kayaks, recreational kayaks, sprint kayaks and sprint canoes... singles, doubles, fours, and even 15-person war canoe. We have all the equipment you require, but we ask that you bring your own properly fitted CSA-certified life jacket.

Adult Programs: Welcome

Adult (Masters) Paddling Program

Whether you are a PCC Alumni, an experienced paddler looking to get back on the water, or someone who has never been in a boat before, adult (masters) paddling may be right for you! 

Coach instruction and all equipment is provided... paddles, along with SUP's, recreational canoes and kayaks, as well as flatwater (sprint) canoes and kayaks. Please bring your own properly fitted CSA-approved life jackets. Open dock evenings are also available for those wanting to try SUP or flatwater paddling for free.

Adult (masters) paddling programming runs select weekday evenings (TBA) between 6:30 - 7:30 PM.

While some competitive Masters paddlers may choose to train and compete in regattas, this is not required. The focus of our adult program is fun and fitness.  Adult/Masters paddling runs from June through end of September.

Adult Programs: About
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