Answers to some commonly asked questions about our programs - if you have any other questions please contact us!

What should my child bring to the club?

Paddlers should bring clothes for on and off water activities, shoes and flipflops, their lifejacket, a water bottle, lunch, snacks, & sunscreen.

Paddlers should leave electronics and valuables at home.

What does a normal day look like during the summer program?

Starting at 9:00, summer paddlers rotate through 4 90 minute sessions, with a one hour lunch.  These sessions are single boats, team boats, war canoe, and dryland activities.  On certain days coaches may deviate from this schedule for special activites or due to weather.

How much does the program cost?

A complete breakdown of fees is available on our registration page.  We aim to keep fees reasonable and can always work with parents on payment plans.

Do you offer early drop-off or late pick-up?

Pisiquid offers supervised early drop-off and late pick-up services for our families at an additional charge. Normally this will extend our normal hours by 30-60 minutes at the beginning and end of each weekday.

At what age can my child start paddling?

We recommend that kids start only after completing their first year of school.

How do regattas work?

Regattas at the U10 level are very relaxed and aim to introduce paddlers to competition in a low-stress environment.  Paddlers complete 400M loops in singles and 200m events in C4, K4, and War Canoe.  They are allowed to start again if they fall out or experience any issues.

At the U12 level and above competition is more structured but regattas are still tons of fun.  We encourage all full summer paddlers to participate.